Personal Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns

Your personal tax return must be submitted to HMRC (along with any tax due) by 31st January each year.

However you shouldn’t wait until the last moment to get this sorted, for 3 reasons:
i. You should work out as soon as possible how much tax you will owe (to ensure you can pay it when the time comes);
ii. If HMRC requires you to pay an instalment in July (which is common), they base the amount on your prior year’s tax liability. So your instalment may be too high;
iii. If HMRC owe you a repayment of tax, the sooner you submit your return the sooner HMRC will repay you.

Fixed Fee £199 + VAT

We prepare and submit your tax return for you. This includes:

Personal income tax calculation: prepared

Personal income tax return SA100: prepared and submitted to HMRC

You simply complete our standard questionnaire, answer any specific additional questions we may have, and then we do the rest.

We’ll also make sure that you’ve claimed any reliefs you can which will minimise the tax you need to pay

UK Property pages

If you have property income, simply add a further £149 + VAT and we’ll prepare and submit those too.

Service for Book-Keepers

If you are a self employed book-keeper, we can work with you to provide the Personal Tax return service on your behalf for your own Clients.
Simply contact us for how this works and what the costs would be.